The trigger sprayer market will observe good growth opportunities across the assessment period of 2021-2031 on the back of the rising application reach due to their extensive properties.

The increasing awareness about the adoption of trigger sprays in various activities will prove to be a vital growth accelerator during the forecast period of 2021-2031.

Trigger sprayers are used for spraying different types of liquids. They are generally made from polypropylene (PP) plastic. The trigger lever, when pulled leads to the activation of a small pump, which is attached to a plastic tube. The extraction motion triggered by the pulling of the lever forces the fluid out as a one-way system. Trigger sprayers are adjustable and enable customers to adjust the spray type such as a strong one or a fine mist. These factors help in increasing the revenues across the trigger sprayer market.

The trigger sprayer market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of ~4 percent during the tenure of 2021-2031 according to the analysis by the Transparency Market Research (TMR) team. The global trigger sprayer market was valued at more than US$ 500 mn in 2020 and is extrapolated to surpass the valuation of US$ 800 mn by the end of the forecast period, that is, 2031.

Manufacturers in the trigger sprayer market are coming up with new designs and customizations to increase their revenues. They are focusing intensively on research and development activities for the same. The increasing use of trigger sprayers for sanitization during the COVID-19 pandemic will serve as a vital growth booster for the trigger sprayer market.

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With the escalating demand for trigger sprayers, the players are paying attention to launching new products that are more beneficial and convenient for the end-users. The flexible trigger sprayers designed by PIVOT are a classic instance. The trigger sprayer designed by PIVOT has a patented trigger sprayer that has a 180 degree pivoting hinge between the bottle and the handle. It can be tilted in any direction. Such developments by the players in the trigger sprayer market help in enhancing the growth rate to a considerable extent.

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Cosmetic Industry to Sow the Seeds of Growth across the Trigger Sprayer Market

The demand for trigger sprayers in the cosmetic industry has increased phenomenally due to the exponential advantages they provide. The sprayers decrease the wastage of cosmetic products. Manufacturers in the trigger sprayer market also develop customizable sprayers according to the requirement of the end-user, which further adds extra stars of growth.

The increasing usage of cosmetics due to the rising awareness about the importance of presenting oneself before others will serve as a growth accelerator for the trigger sprayer market.

The COVID-19 pandemic has ruined the growth opportunities across the trigger sprayer market to a substantial extent. The enforcement of lockdown restrictions and the closure of manufacturing facilities have led to tremendous losses. However, the usage of trigger sprayer for sanitization purposes is turning the tables of growth. To prevent the transmission of COVID-19, it is suggested to keep all the premises sanitized, especially public spaces. This factor has increased the demand for trigger sprayers, which will eventually help in propelling the growth prospects.

Post time: Aug-06-2021