Foam pump.

Due to its unique overall design, the foam pump can be effectively integrated into foam in mineral processing fields such as flotation, so it is called foam pump, which is actually a centrifugal mud pump.

Due to the whole process of industrial production, some floating foam may be formed in the whole process of slurry transportation, such as flotation in beneficiation. Foamed plastics will appear in the slurry of the flotation plant, so the general submersible slurry pump is not suitable for conveying this kind of foamed plastics slurry in beneficiation.

The water pump impeller of the foam pump is of double shell structure, and part of the overcurrent is made of hard nickel, high chromium or plastic materials. The transmission system is the same as that of the EVM submerged mud pump. The feed box of the silo is made of thick steel plate, which can cover the lining according to different materials conveyed. The inlet and outlet of the pump can be replaced every 45 degrees. When the pump is working, the foam in the slurry can be reasonably removed, and it can still work normally in case of insufficient feed, without all water pump seals and shaft seals.

The foam pump is suitable for various flotation processes and is an ideal pump for conveying foam slurry. The delivery volume far exceeds other types of goods. Foam pump is also suitable for conveying strong corrosion and corrosion-resistant slurry containing foam in metallurgical industry, mining, coal, chemical plant and other fields.

To use the foam pump, please note:

1. Pay attention to the adjustment of centrifugal impeller. To ensure the effective operation of the pump, the clearance between the centrifugal impeller and the flasher must be adjusted immediately.

2. In actual operation, add an appropriate amount of vegetable oil.

3. If the foam pump is not used for a long time, the rolling bearing shall rotate 1 / 4 turn every week to make the bearing bear static load and external vibration evenly.

4. Before stopping the pump, the pump shall be cleaned as long as possible to clean the slurry passing through the pump, and then the inlet gate valve and inlet and outlet valves shall be closed in turn.

Before the invention of the foam pump, foamed plastics were usually sprayed through commercial sprays, that is, foamed plastics were produced by inflating liquefied petroleum gas or polyurethane foaming agent. The working pressure foam pump is characterized in that the pump casing is composed of an air pump and a gas filter. The liquid is completely mixed with the gas in the pump body, the injection amount is stable, the use is convenient, the operation method of the customer will not be hurt, and the foam plastic is of good quality.

Post time: Sep-27-2022