Discussion on basic quality requirements of vacuum bottle.

Vacuum bottle is a major category of packaging materials in cosmetics. The popular vacuum bottle on the market is composed of a cylinder into an ellipsoid container and a piston to settle the bottom. Its planning principle is to use the shortening force of tension spring to prevent air from entering the bottle, forming a vacuum state, and use atmospheric pressure to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle to move. However, because the tension spring force and atmospheric pressure cannot give enough strength, the piston cannot fit the bottle wall too tightly, otherwise the piston will not be able to move up due to excessive resistance; On the contrary, in order to make the piston easy to enter and easy to show material leakage, the vacuum bottle requires highly professional manufacturers. In this issue, we mainly talk about the basic quality requirements of vacuum bottles. Due to the limited level, it is inevitable to make mistakes, so it is only for the reference of friends who purchase packaging materials in the premium product community:

1、 Appearance quality requirements

1. Appearance: the vacuum bottle and lotion bottle cap shall be complete, smooth, free of crack, burr, deformation, oil stain and shrinkage, with clear and full threads; The body of vacuum bottle and lotion bottle shall be complete, stable and smooth, the bottle mouth shall be correct, lubricated, the thread shall be full, without burr, hole, obvious scar, stain and deformation, and the clamping line shall be free of obvious dislocation. The transparent bottle shall be clear.

2. Cleanliness: clean inside and outside, no free pollution, no ink stain pollution.

3. Outer package: The packing carton shall not be dirty or damaged, and the box shall be lined with plastic protective bags. The bottles and covers that are easy to be scratched shall be packaged to prevent scratches. Each box shall be packed in fixed quantity and sealed with adhesive tape in “I” shape. Mixed packing is not allowed. Each shipment shall be attached with the factory inspection report. The name, specification, quantity, production date, manufacturer and other contents of the outer box must be clearly identifiable.

2、 Requirements for surface treatment and graphic printing

1. Color difference: the color is uniform, consistent with the regular color or within the range of the color plate seal sample.

2. Appearance adhesion: spray paint, electroplating, bronzing and printing the appearance of vacuum bottle and lotion bottle, test the printing and bronzing (silver) parts of the shoe cover with 3m810 tape, smooth and make the shoe cover free of bubbles, stay for 1 minute at 45 °, then tear it off quickly, and the peeling area is less than 15%

3. Printing and gilding (silver): the font and picture shall be correct, clear and even without significant deviation, dislocation and defect; The bronzing (silver) shall be complete without missing, dislocation, obvious overlapping or zigzag.

4. Wipe the printing area twice with gauze soaked in sterilized alcohol, and there is no printing discoloration and gilding (silver) falling off.

3、 Product structure and assembly requirements

1. Scale control: for all assembled products after cooling, the scale control shall be within the tolerance range, which shall not affect the assembly function or hinder the packaging.

2. The outer cover and inner cover shall be assembled in place without inclination or improper assembly;

3. The inner cover shall not fall when bearing axial tension ≥ 30N;

4. The cooperation between the inner bottle and the outer bottle should be clamped in place with appropriate tightness; The assembling tension between the middle sleeve and the outer bottle is ≥ 50N;

5. There shall be no conflict between the inner bottle and the outer bottle to prevent scratching;

6. The screw threads of the cap and the bottle body rotate smoothly without jamming;

7. Alumina parts are assembled with corresponding caps and bottle bodies, and the tensile force is ≥ 50N after dry consolidation for 24h;

8. The hand feeling of the pump head pressing for test spraying shall be smooth without interference;

9. The gasket shall not fall when bearing a tension of not less than 1N;

10. After dividing the screw thread of the outer cover and the corresponding bottle body, the gap is 0.1~0.8mm

Post time: Sep-27-2022